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How to operate the mask machine
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How to operate the mask machine

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How to operate the mask machine

During the epidemic, many factories and enterprises will use mask machines to produce masks. Many people may not have a special understanding of mask machines. In this article, we will briefly introduce mask machines and related knowledge. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading this article.

Operation steps of the mask machine.

The mask machine provided by the company.

Operation steps of the mask machine.

Take the fully automatic mask machine as an example:

1. Preparation and inspection before operation

1) Before the machine runs, check and clean the surface of the machine to ensure that it runs smoothly;

2) Check whether the fasteners of each component are loose; whether the electrical components are installed properly; whether they are damaged; whether the data sheets meet the required values; whether the transmission components and oil injection parts are sufficiently lubricated; whether the processing materials are sufficient;

3) Connect the power plug to the 220V AC power supply, turn on the power switch to check whether the power is normal; the power indicator is working normally;

4) Before starting the automatic operation mode, check whether the device is completely reset.

2. Unwinding rack

1) This material rack is a four-layer material rack, the inner diameter of the feeding paper tube is 3 inches, and the material roll diameter should not be greater than 600mm. Each layer of the material roll is equipped with stainless steel brake pads to prevent the paper tube from rotating when the material is too light. Compared with traditional flat belt brakes, it is more practical, beautiful, clean and user-friendly。

2) Adjusting the alignment of the material and the center line of the main machine roller can be accomplished by adjusting the position of the plug and the horizontal adjustment seat.

3. Ontology machine

1) Operation steps of the main unit

Open the control box and turn the power switch to ON, the power indicator light is on, press the start button, adjust the speed governor to the appropriate speed and turn the adjuster switch to OFF (for the following material loading).

2) Load the materials on each material axis of the material rack respectively.

3) Function description of the main machine panel

1 Power switch: control the power on and off of the main unit.

2 Power indicator: The power is turned on and the indicator light is on.

3 Start: control the machine to start operation.

4 Stop: Control the machine to stop running.

5 Counter: displays the number of products.

6 Speed regulation: Control the speed of the main motor.

The mask machine provided by the company.

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