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How to operate the welding machine?
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How to operate the welding machine?

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How to operate the welding machine?

Welding machines are used in many factories and enterprises. Many people may not have a special understanding of welding machines. In this article, we will briefly introduce the operation of welding machines and related knowledge. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading this article.


l  The operating steps of the welding machine.

l  Maintenance of welding machine.

l  The welding machine provided by the company.


The operating steps of the welding machine.

There are many types of welding machines, including single-point single-function, single-point dual-function, and single-point multi-function (this type of welding machine also has only one welding head. After changing the form of the positioning plate, it can be used for any angle between 90° and 180° Angle of welding). There are also two-point, three-point, four-point and even six-point welding machines and four-point welding machines. Different types of welding machines have different welding functions and work efficiency.

Welding machines are mainly divided into two types according to materials: plastic welding machines and metal welding machines. The applied technologies mainly include: ultrasonic, high frequency, plasma, electric heating, rotary, etc.

Among them, the plastic welding machine is used to weld polyethylene, polypropylene, polypropylene, nylon and other thermoplastic engineering plastic sheets or products. During operation, the plastic welding rod is melted and sprayed out, and the welded workpiece is fused and bonded. It is widely used in the welding and maintenance of plastic equipment, plastic floor laying, plastic pipe connection, plastic bottle sealing and other operations.

The steps for operating a plastic steel welding machine are as follows:

1. Turn on the main power supply and the main gas source welding plate pad.

2. Adjust the backing plate according to the profile and install it correctly.

3. The surface of the welding cloth should be removed at any time to keep it clean.

4. Various parameters are set according to technological requirements.

5. Correction of actual temperature and set value of welding plate.

6. Ensure that the welding flux is adjusted and clamped at any time, and pay attention to observe whether the welding process meets the requirements.

7. Observe whether the action of the welder is accurate.

8. Pay attention to the welding flux and the correct angle when welding the V port.


Maintenance of welding machine

1. Keep the whole machine clean.

2. The oil-water separator discharges water once every shift.

3. The oil volume of the lubricator should not be less than 1/4.


The welding machine provided by the company.

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