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How to repair the mask machine
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How to repair the mask machine

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How to repair the mask machine

During the epidemic, many factories and enterprises will usemask machinesto produce masks. Many people may not have a special understanding of the mask machine. In this article, we will briefly introduce the repair of the mask machine and related knowledge. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading this article.

Repair of the mask machine.

The mask machine provided by the company.

Repair of the mask machine.

One. Press the welding button and the welding head will drop, but will not rise after welding.

1. Insufficient air pressure;

2. Defective solenoid valve;

3. Adjust the air pressure;

4. Maintenance program board;

5. The time adjustment switch is damaged;

Two. The overload light is on during operation

1 The welding head is loose;

2 Improper frequency adjustment;

3 The welding head is broken;

4 Excessive pressure;

5 machine power is too small

Three. The power indicator does not light up, the fan of the vibration box is weakened, cannot vibrate or the welding strength is weakened

①The power supply voltage is low;

②The input transformer is damaged;

③The power socket is in poor contact.

Four. Press the welding button, and the welding head will drop immediately when it touches the workpiece without vibrating, it will rise.

1. The descending stroke has not reached the welding position;

2. Poor contact of the travel switch;

3. Poor pressure trigger system;

Five, the welding head rises or drops too much impact

1. The buffer adjustment is inappropriate;

2. Buffer adjustment and lock;

3. The descending speed is set too high;

4. Poor cushioning of the cylinder;

Six, the air pressure, power supply, and welding head are all normal but cannot be started

1. Poor contact of the emergency up button;

2. Poor program control circuit;

3. The start button is damaged;

4. The solenoid valve is damaged;

Seven. Turn on the main power switch and the fuse will blow

1. The ultrasonic power board is short-circuited;

2. The rectifier bridge is short-circuited;

3. The startup current has a large impact and the fuse capacity is too small;

8. Excessive ultrasonic welding

①After melting, the size of the work object is different;

②There is too much damage to the surface of the work;

③Adjust the lowest point fine-tuning screw;

④Replace the welding head with a lower amplitude.

⑤The welding time is too long to shorten.

The mask machine provided by the company.

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