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How to repair welding machine?
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How to repair welding machine?

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How to repair welding machine?

Welding machines are used in many factories and enterprises. Many people may not have a special understanding of welding machines. In this article, we will briefly introduce the repair operation of welding machines and related knowledge. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading this article.


l  Repair of welding machine.

l  The welding machine provided by the company.


Repair of welding machine.

There are many types of welding machines, including single-point single-function, single-point dual-function, and single-point multi-function (this type of welding machine also has only one welding head. After changing the form of the positioning plate, it can be used for any angle between 90° and 180° Angle of welding). There are also two-point, three-point, four-point and even six-point welding machines and four-point welding machines. Different types of welding machines have different welding functions and work efficiency.

Welding is the process of joining metal parts with various fusible alloys (solder). The melting point of solder is lower than that of the material to be welded, so that the part will not be melted, through the intermolecular contact on the surface of the part to complete the welding.

Take the plastic steel welding machine as an example, the repair process is as follows:

1. Regularly check the components and fasteners of each mechanism to prevent loosening.

2. Oil-free lubrication bearings are selected for each sliding mechanism of the welding machine. No lubrication is required, but a small amount of N68 grease can also be applied to the sliding shaft. The lubricator in the air source processor should be filled with N32 mechanical oil. Under normal working conditions, the amount of dripping oil is 10 drops/hour.

3. The filter element and water storage cup of the water separator in the air source processor should be cleaned and drained regularly.

4. The positioning plate and the working surface and jaws of the upper and lower pressure tongs should be kept clean and free of oil stains and wiped every shift.

5. The PTFE welding cloth wrapped on the heating plate must be kept intact, clean and flat, otherwise it should be updated. When replacing the welding cloth, the power supply should be cut off. The plastic residue on the welding cloth should be scraped off at any time.


The welding machine provided by the company.

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